To Contact the Newports

The Newports are available to play for clubs, restaurants and private affairs in the greater metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. To inquire about the band playing for your event, e-mail Blaine Smith at

Newports E-Mail List

We e-mail updates about a week ahead anytime we're playing for an event that's open to the public, such as a restaurant or club engagement. To be added to our list, e-mail Blaine Smith at
The Newports and Filterettes at The Outta The Way Cafe, May 2011

(L to R, from top) Rob Dyer (drums), Blaine Smith (guitar), Debbie Halverson (vocals), Mike  Henley (keyboards), Cal Linley (lead vocalist), Mike DeGraba (bass), Becky Briggs (vocals), Arlene Jaye (vocals)


The Newports


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